Taxi Safety In Peterlee

Several incidents have been reported both in the North East and other areas of the Country regarding taxi drivers targeting women in recent years.

Therefore we have put together this article to help keep people safe and to create more awareness around taxi safety.

Firstly use a licensed vehicle

When using a taxi firm make sure they are a reputable company. Make sure they are a licensed hackney carriage or private hire firm. All legitimate taxi companies have their registration plate displayed which also shows which local authority they are licensed with.

All our vehicles at Chevron Taxis are Durham County Council licensed vehicles, they have the vehicle licence plate at the rear, plus door decals on front doors, all showing the Durham County Council logo. Furthermore, all of our licensed drivers wear a Durham County Council driver’s badge with their name, number and expiry date.

Durham County Council have strict rules and various stages which drivers have to go through to become taxi drivers, not all councils have the same rules. You can find out more information on this with your local council on what the requirements are for each area.

Only licensed Hackney Carriages can pick you up in the street

Did you know only licensed Hackney Carriages can pick you up on the street, without you making a prior booking?  Private hire firms need to be booked in advance either by phone, the companies office or via an app! This gives you the assurance that you know which company the taxi is from and that they are licensed and insured to take you to your destination.

Once your taxi arrives if it’s booked with ourselves, we will text you with the vehicle type and registration and let you know it has arrived. If you have not pre-paid for your journey always ensure that you have the money to pay before departing. In instances where you have no cash, you can pay by card with Chevron via our booking office, a payment can be taken over the phone.

Our Taxi Drivers have undergone the following checks for your peace of mind

  • DBS checks which have been approved by the police and Durham County Council.
  • Both the driver and the vehicle display a licensed Durham County Council badge 
  • Are drivers are from our local area

Chevron Taxis 

  • All our taxis are branded with our logo and the Durham County Council logo
  • CCTV’s are fitted in most of our vehicles 
  • Our taxis have GPS tracking installed
  • All our vehicles are regularly checked at our own garage, to ensure they are up to our safety standards

Booking via our App

When booking via our new App, you can view your taxi and its details tracking it from your mobile to your collection point. All our vehicles are tracked and we know exactly where they are at all times for your peace of mind.


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