Established over 30 years, Chevron Taxis still continue to invest in technology. This enables us to stay at the forefront of the taxi industry in our local area, offering our customers a high level of service at a very reasonable cost.

Our Technology – Chevron Taxi Office

  • Booking & Despatch Software
  • GPS Tracking In All Vehicles
  • Mobile Data Unit
  • Card Payments
  • Satellite Navigation Customer Service
  • Call Back Service
  • Automated Booking System Via Our App
  • Automation Notification Via Text Of Vehicle Details
  • iPhone & Android App Text Back Service

Customers love our text back service, this is how the system works.

  1. Firstly when you book at Chevron Taxis, once we put down the phone a text is sent out confirming your taxis is booked. Furthermore, it states the pickup point and time of when and where it is booked for.
  2. Once your vehicle has been dispatched, we will then send you a text with a link which allows live tracking of your vehicle and driver
  3. When your car has arrived at your pickup point, we will send out another text saying it is 2 minutes away, this text will also give you the registration of the vehicle for added safety.

Automated Booking System

Another great feature we offer is our automated booking system. This allows you to book your taxis without speaking to a telephonist, the benefits of this system are:

  • Your taxi is booked instantly
  • Option of a few different pickups
  • No need to wait in a queue
  • Checking to see where your taxi is
  • You don’t have to wait for your call to be answered
  • No more hearing engaged tones

With satellite navigation in every vehicle, your car will be tracked all the way to its destination. Customers can also benefit from our FREE callback service which informs you when your car is due to arrive, plus our automated response to where your taxis is.

Need a Taxi Fast?

Then give us a call on 0191 586 0555 , or book via the APP